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Seat Agraria
A.A. A.A. 2016-2017
Credits 6
Hours 54
Period 1^ semestre
Language ENG
U-gov code LM FOBIM W000595


The following topics are propaedeutic to the teaching: Economics

Development of the course

The course consists of a balance of theoretical lectures (3 ECTS, 27 hours) and other activities, such as classroom practicals, carried out individually or in small groups, seminars and visits to local and national food plants and factories (3 ECTS, 27 hours, in all). An e-learning course is available in parallel with the lectures. It includes: the educational material organised in learning units, the materials and instructions for the classroom practicals, research articles and reports; information and booking for seminars and visits.


Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

The course enables students to acquire the fundamental knowledge of Food Policy, Food Safety and Traceabilty and identify sustainable solutions for food companies.


Applying knowledge and understanding:

(a) developing the capability of integration of information; (b) capability of carry out strategies for food chain organization and strategies for food quality; (c) capability of evaluate the potential innovative of farm and enterprises.



(a) making judgements: capability of identify the information be needed to improve the quality, competitiveness and innovation of the agrifood sector; (b) communications: capability of clearly and exhaustively communicate notions, ideas, problems and technical solutions to interlocutors, either professional or not, representative of the various and specific competencies in the agro-food supply chain (engineers, biologists, chemists, nutritionists, administrators).


  1. Agrifood Sector (1 ECTS)
  2. European Policies supporting food sector: quality safety and traceability (1 ECTS)
  3. Food Chain Management, and Food Market (1 ECTS)
  4. Consumer Behaviour (1 ECTS)
  5. Innovatives strategies for competitiveness of  Agrifood sector (1 ECTS)
  6. Analysis of Case studies of Food Sector– Cluster Agrifood Marche (1 ECTS).

Development of the examination

Learning evaluation methods

Oral discussion: two of the subjects listed in the teaching program and one essay (project work).


Learning evaluation criteria

In the oral classwork, the student will have to demonstrate: (a) knowledge of food policies; (b) knowledge of  food policies strategies; (c) capacity to comment critically on contemporaneous policy issues from an economics perspective.

To pass the oral exam, the student must demonstrate an overall understanding of the content using appropriate technical terminology, and to be able to deal with deductive reasoning that enable him to create links within matter, and to have a complete mastery of the subject.


Learning measurement criteria

The final mark is attributed in thirtieths. Successful completion of the examination will lead to grades ranging from 18 to 30 “cum laude”.


Final mark allocation criteria

The oral examination consists of two questions concerning the subjects listed in the teaching program and 1 essay concerning individual project work. Each of ones will be quantified in the range 0 - 10. The degree of 30 “cum laude”is attributed when the student demonstrates complete mastery of the subject.


Recommended reading

Selected papers

Oskam, A., Meester, G., Silvis, H. EU policy for agriculture, food and rural areas.

(2011)  2nd edition. Wageningen Academic Publishers Fanfani R., IL sistema agroalimentare in Italia. I grandi cambiamenti e le tendenze recenti, Edagricole Bologna 2010

Messori F. Ferretti F.  Economia del mercato agroalimentare, 2010 2a edizione, Edagricole, p.320




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