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Seat Agraria
A.A. A.A. 2016-2017
Credits 6
Hours 54
Period 2^ semestre
Language ENG
U-gov code LIB-L 3A253


Basic knowledge of Principles of economics

Development of the course

The teaching includes ppt lectures (4 ECTS) provided in copies to the students and exercises at the computer lab (2 ECTS). The teaching includes e-learning tools available at the moodle platform. Within this platform there will be: a) teaching materials b) supplementary documents c) exercises. 

Learning outcomes


The course provides students with adequate knowledge of the Italian agro-food sector and the current status quo of agriculture; the main aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) from its origins until  today, as well as the agri-food quality policy, the environmental policy and the strategies for the renewable energy development from agricultural biomass.


Applying knowledge and understanding

The course enables students to acquire adequate knowledge about the main characteristic of agricultural sector in accord with the Common Agricultural Policy. The course also provides the background for understanding the main regulations related to quality and food safety and environmental policy. The student acquires the basis for analyzing and follow the development of agricultural policies and the capacity to evaluate the economic impact that results from their application.


(a) Capability to identify the policy for the support and the protection of the agriculture sector ; (b) capability of clearly and exhaustively communicate notions, ideas, problems and technical solutions to interlocutors, either professional or not, representative of the various and specific competencies in the field of agricultural policy.


General aspects (1 ECTS)

The agri-food sector and overview about the agriculture


The Common Agricultural policy (CAP) (2ECTS)

Historical evolution of the CAP

The new CAP 2014-2020: First and Second Pillar

The application of rural development policy in the Italian regions: the RDP


The agri-food quality policy (1 ECTS)

Definitions, general aspects, regulations

Innovation policy in the agro-food sector: EIP and OP


Environmental policy (1 ECTS)

Environmental measures

Policies and strategies for renewable energy from agricultural biomass

Development of the examination

Learning evaluation methods

Final assessment will consist of two tests:  Oral exam and an individual project related to the analysis of an agricultural sector (Common Organisation of the markets – CMO). The student will prepare a summary report based on ppt (maximum 15 slides) in line with a suggested scheme.

Learning evaluation criteria

In the oral classwork, the student will have to demonstrate: (a) knowledge of the status quo of European and National agriculture (b) knowledge of the Common Agricultural Policy, the agri-food quality policy and the environmental policy.

To pass the oral exam, the student must demonstrate an overall understanding of the content using appropriate technical terminology, and to be able to deal with deductive reasoning that enable him to create links within matter, and to have a complete mastery of the subject.

Learning measurement criteria

The final mark is attributed in thirtieths. Successful completion of the examination will lead to grades ranging from 18 to 30 “cum laude”.

Final mark allocation criteria

The individual project gives a score from 0 to 10. The oral test will consist in different questions each of which will be evaluated using a score ranging from 0 to 6 points. The degree of 30 “cum laude” is attributed to students who got a total score greater than 30.

Recommended reading

1.Vieri S., 2000, La politica agraria, Edagricole, Bologna

2.Lechi F. 1998, La politica agraria Etaslibri, Milano

3.Finco A. 2007, Ambiente, Paesaggio e Biodiversità nelle politiche di sviluppo rurale, ARACNE Ed. pp.155.



Tutorial session


Every day from 15.00 to 18.00 directly at the teacher's office. An appointment via email is recommended.





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