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Seat Agraria
A.A. A.A. 2016-2017
Credits 6
Hours 54
Period 1^ semestre
Language ENG
U-gov code LIB-L-STA-SFA 3A558


Basic knowledge of physic, chemistry, agricultural mechanization and forestry mechanization.


Development of the course

The teaching method is based on ppt lectures (4 CFU), laboratory exercises and visits to renewable energy production plants of agro-forestry biomass (2 CFU). The course material will be available during class.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge. The course enables students to acquire adequate basic knowledge on agro-energy sectors, considering the different stages of production: from the biomass feedstock to its processing and use. The biomass is studied on the basis of its energy characteristics. In addition, the course highlights the technical, economical and environmental aspects of its production and use, proceeding to: a) define the main types of transformation plant; b) identify standards within which placing the production; c) illustrate the possible market; d) provide the main elements to assess their sustainability.


Applying knowledge and understanding. The main aim of this course is to provide the ability to detect potential energy production from agro-forestry biomass, and to correct design the processing chain.



Cross-expertise. (i) Autonomy of judgements: a) identify the information useful to assess the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the agro-forestry biomass for energy transformation; ii) understand standards in the production of agro-energy systems; (b) Communications: i) clear and comprehensive transfer of information, ideas, problems and associated technical solutions to partners, specialists and stakeholders involved in the agro-energy transformation sectors (agro-forestry companies, public administrators, etc.).



1 Course presentation. Biomass characterization: chemical and physical characteristics of lignocellulosic biomass, oils and biomass for the biogas production (2 CFU).

2 Chains of agro-energy production: a) Wood energy chain. Production of dedicated and residual biomass. Machines and installations for the first processing of biomass. Energy conversion technologies; b) Oil energy chain. Production of dedicated biomass and residual. Machines and installations for the first processing of biomass. Energy conversion technologies; c) Supply chain for the production of energy from biogas. Production of dedicated and residual biomass. Machines and equipment for the first processing of biomass and biogas. Energy processing technologies (3 CFU).

3 Framework. European law and Italian legislation for the development and dissemination of renewable energy and for environmental sustainability of the agro-energy production (1 CFU)

Development of the examination

Learning evaluation methods. Oral discussion on three of the subjects listed in the teaching program.


Learning evaluation criteria. During the oral examination, the student will have to demonstrate: a) knowledge of chemical-physic biomass characteristics; b) knowledge of biomass production technology; c) knowledge of the main European directives and Italian laws linked to the production of agro-forestry biomass. To pass the oral exam, the student must demonstrate an overall understanding of the contents using appropriate technical terminology, and to be able to deal with deductive reasoning that enables him to create links within matter, and to have a complete mastery of the subject.


Learning measurement criteria.  The vote is expressed in thirtieths. The examination will be considered passed with a note from 18 to 30 “cum laude”.


Final mark allocation criteria. The oral examination consists of three questions concerning the subjects listed in the teaching program, each of ones will count for 10 points. The degree of 30 “cum laude” is attributed when the student demonstrates complete mastery of the subject.


Recommended reading


  1. Fiala M., 2013, Filiere agroenergetiche, Maggioli Editore
  2. AA.VV., 2011, Biomassa ed energia, Maggioli Editore

Recommended readings during class




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