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Seat Agraria
A.A. A.A. 2016-2017
Credits 6
Hours 54
Period 1^ semestre
Language ENG
U-gov code STA 3A149


Basic knowledge of chemistry and physics.

Development of the course

The didactic method is based on ppt lectures (4 ECTS) (provided in copies to the students) and laboratory experiences and visits to local and national food industries (2 ECTS).

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

The course enables students to acquire knowledge about (a) compositional and nutritional properties of vegetable oils, milk, dairy products and wine (b) the technological process applied to the production of vegetable oils, milk, dairy products and wine.


Applying knowledge and understanding


  1. Ability to operate production choices, focused on high-quality production.
  2. Ability to design control activities to optimize the technological process in line with business goals.



(a) making judgements: capability of identify the information be needed to improve the efficiency of the processes and the quality of the final products;

(b) communications: capability of clearly and exhaustively communicate notions, ideas, problems and technical solutions to interlocutors, either professional or not, representative of the various and specific competencies in the agro-food supply chain (engineers, biologists, chemists, nutritionists, administrators).



Oils, fats and derivatives - Nutritional, chemical and technology of oils and fats. Composition of oils and fats. Alteration of raw materials. Mechanical and solvent extraction. Refining. Autoxidation and antioxidants. Hydrogenation. Margarines (2 ECTS).

Milk and dairy products - milk composition. Lactose. Alteration of lactose. Lipids, proteins, salts, enzymes and minor components of milk. Chemical and physical indices. Rennet coagulation and acid coagulation. Cleansing milk. Creams outcrop and centrifugation. Butter. Milk: powdered, concentrated and evaporated. Cheese. Alterations of the cheese (2 ECTS).

Wine - Composition of grapes and wine. Correction and maintenance musts. SO2 in wine. Fermentations. Vinification in white, red and rosé. Winemaking for carbonic maceration and vilification details. Composition of wine. Correction, clarification, stabilization and treatment of clarifying wines. Conservation, aging and diseases of wine (2 ECTS).


Development of the examination

Learning evaluation methods

Oral discussion on the subjects listed in the teaching program.


Learning evaluation criteria

The student will have to demonstrate knowledge of: (a) the chemical and nutritional proprieties of the main agricultural products: vegetable oils, milk , dairy products and wine (b) technological process involved in the production of the vegetable oils, milk, dairy products and wine (e) appropriate usage of technical terminology.


Learning measurement criteria

The final mark is attributed in thirtieths. Successful completion of the examination will lead to grades ranging from 18 to 30 with honors.


Final mark allocation criteria

The oral examination consist of three questions concerning the subjects listed in the teaching program, each of ones will be quantified in the range 0 - 10. In order to pass the examination, the student will have to demonstrate: (a) overall understanding of the subjects; (b) appropriate usage of technical terminology. In order to obtain the best evaluation, the student will have to demonstrate: (a) in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subjects; (b) fluency in the usage of the technical lexicon; (c) ability to identify the critical points of the technological process applied to the production of agricultural products 

Recommended reading

C. LERICI, G. LERCKER: Principi di tecnologie alimentari, Coop. Univ. Libr., Bologna, 1983

C. ALAIS: Il latte, Ed. Tecniche Nuove, Milano, 1984

P. BASTASIN, L. CERESA: Industrie Agroalimentari, F. Lucisano Ed., Milano, 1991

SCIANCALEPORE V., Industrie agrarie. Olearia, enologica, lattiero-casearia (ed. UTET 2006)

CAPPELLA P., FEDELI E., BONAGA G., LERCKER G. Manuale degli oli e grassi. Tecniche nuove (1997).


Tutorial session


Thursday from 12 am to 2 pm.



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