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Seat Agraria
A.A. A.A. 2016-2017
Credits 6
Hours 54
Period 2^ semestre
Language ENG
U-gov code SFA 3A176


Basic knowledge of physics.

Development of the course

The course is carried out through lectures integrated by some technical-economic analysis of a case studies. The lectures are provided, together with some other documents for support the study, by means pdf files downloaded from Moodle platform. For each lesson the most important topics to discuss during the examination are highlighted. 

Learning outcomes

Knowledge. The course enables students to acquire basic knowledge of mechanical systems employed in the forestry in order to enhance the products value of the forest-based industry. The student is able to understand the main technical and economic aspects for the management of forest machineries.


Applying knowledge and understanding. Ability to articulate a discussion on issues related to the characteristics of forestry machines, its operation and the selection criteria of the mechanical equipment for the different operating environments.


Cross-expertise. The specificity of the content of this course demands that the student acquire flexibility in learning the basic concepts and the ability to combine the knowledge with what he has learned in other courses, to develop a better overview of forest management. The student develops a critical and analytical ability of the issues and opportunities in the chain forest-wood-energy.


General concepts of mechanics and physics. Engines and tractors (2 ECTS). Machinery for tree harvesting, processing and logging. Systems for wood extraction and transport. Main forestry operations: felling, limbing and transportation (2 ECTS). Forest road planning. Safety in forestry operations. Operating costs. Primary wood processing systems (2 ECTS). 

Development of the examination

Learning evaluation methods

Oral discussion.


Learning evaluation criteria

The student will have to demonstrate the knowledge of the concepts proposed in the course, be able to have an overview of the topics and the ability to connect the different aspects dealt with in the course using appropriate terminology.


Learning measurement criteria

The final mark is expressed in thirtieths.


Final mark allocation criteria

Depending on the topics and methods of their development from the students, the oral examination will consist of three questions.

Recommended reading

Recommended readings

Lecture notes and pdf documents provided by Moodle platform.


Tutorial session

Wednesday from 9 am to 11 am.


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